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Emergency Tree Care: What to Do After a Storm

Summer thunderstorms can leave behind a trail of destruction, particularly impacting trees, and landscapes. Knowing how to assess and manage storm damage is crucial for safety and recovery. At Earthworks Outdoor, we specialize in providing expert tree care services, especially in emergencies. Here’s a guide on what to do after a storm to ensure your safety and the health of your trees.

Ensuring Immediate Safety
Before assessing any damage, ensure your safety and the safety of others. Look out for downed power lines, broken branches, and unstable trees. If you notice any hazardous situations, keep a safe distance, and contact emergency services immediately.

Initial Damage Assessment
Start with a visual inspection from a distance. Check for hanging or broken branches, uprooted trees, and split trunks. Take note of any trees that are leaning precariously or have suffered significant bark loss. If it’s safe, conduct a closer inspection. Look for cracks in the trunk or major limbs, exposed roots, and large wounds. Check if any branches are lodged in structures or other trees, which can pose additional hazards.

Temporary Safety Measures
Use tape, cones, or other markers to cordon off hazardous areas around damaged trees. This will help prevent accidents and keep people away from potential danger zones. Clear away small branches and debris that are safe to handle. This will make the area safer and more accessible for professional tree service crews. While it might be tempting to tackle larger tasks yourself, avoid attempting major tree work, such as cutting large branches or felling damaged trees. This can be extremely dangerous without the proper equipment and expertise.

Contacting a Professional Tree Service
Contact a professional tree service like Earthworks Outdoor as soon as possible. Our team is trained to handle emergency situations safely and efficiently. We have the necessary equipment to deal with hazardous trees and can provide the best solutions for recovery. When you call, provide as much information as possible about the damage. Describe the location and extent of the damage, any immediate hazards, and any access issues. This will help our team prepare and respond effectively. Arrange for a professional inspection. Our experts will assess the damage, identify trees that need immediate attention, and develop a plan for safe removal or restoration.

Why Choose Earthworks Outdoor?
With years of experience in tree care and emergency services, Earthworks Outdoor has the expertise to handle any situation. Our certified arborists are trained to assess and address storm damage with precision and care. Safety is our top priority. We follow industry best practices and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure safe and efficient tree care. Our team is equipped to handle emergencies quickly, minimizing further risk and damage. Contact Earthworks Outdoor today for expert emergency tree care services.

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