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What’s The Advantage of Using a Crane?

When it comes to crane tree care, hiring a professional, insured tree company is essential. Not only will they have expertise and experience to safely handle any tree-related task but they will also have the necessary equipment to get the job done right. One piece of equipment that is particularly beneficial for tree removals and trimming is a crane.

The Right Crane For The Right Job

Earthworks Outdoor utilizes a knuckle-boom (articulating) crane on jobs when applicable. Knuckle-boom cranes are lightweight and highly maneuverable while still capable of handling extremely heavy loads. This allows us to remove large, difficult trees much more efficiently than by climbing, rigging or using a lift. This is particularly important in urban and suburban areas where trees may be located close to structures, power lines and other obstacles.

Saving Time and Working Safe

Another advantage to using a crane for removal is reduced time spent on site. We are able to remove trees quicker which reduces time on site potentially impacting ingress and egress as well as reduced impact to turf. The final advantage of using a crane is increased safety for the customer as well as our crew. Crane work eliminates time spent in the tree using heavy equipment which increases the likelihood of potential accidents for our crew as well as possible damage to structures when removing dead or decaying trees. Our risk goes down and our efficiency is greatly improved.

We Are Ready to Start Your Project

When hiring a tree company it is critical to have an understanding of the safest, most efficient way to get the job done. Make sure that you are comfortable with the company, their plan of action and the equipment that they plan to use. Please consider Earthworks Outdoor for all of your tree care needs. To learn more fill out a quick quote or give us a call at 317-650-3989.

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