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Tree Services: What to Expect When You Hire for Stump Grinding in Indiana

The trees you have on your property can be some of the most beautiful assets to your landscaping design. There is nothing quite like planting a sapling and watching it grow into a mature tree over the years. Unfortunately, our trees face natural damage from pests and disease, as well as the sometimes harsh Indiana elements. You may have had to cut a tree down due to one of these reasons or perhaps due to changes in your landscaping. If you are left with an unattractive stump that is difficult to work or mow around, tree stump grinding may be the perfect solution for you. Consider these common questions as you choose your best course of action.

Why Can’t I Remove the Stump Myself?

Some homeowners choose to attempt stump removal on their own but soon find that it is a difficult undertaking. There are many factors that can affect the difficulty of removing a tree stump. Oftentimes, especially with older trees, the stumps are large and heavy. The stump may also continue to produce new growth that calls for tree pruning or have extensive root systems that are at ground level, as well as below ground. This means that having the stump removed properly requires special equipment and know-how.

How Does Stump Grinding Work?

When you call on professionals who perform tree services and tree removal on a regular basis, they have the training and experience to remove your stump with ease. The process begins by bringing in a stump grinding machine and positioning it over the stump at the correct angle. This machine grinds the entire stump down to a few inches below the soil, turning it into mulch that some choose to keep and use. However, the tree service professionals are happy to haul it away for you as they clean up if you have no use for it. After your stump is gone, the tree roots eventually decay into the ground.

What If the Tree Has Created a Hump in the Land Around it?

Many times with more mature trees, the root system tends to lift the ground around the tree as it grows, creating a mound or hump around it. If this has happened in your yard or garden, there is a process that tree professionals can use to restore your land to its original, flat surface. Full stump removal is a bit more involved than stump grinding but may be a more suitable option for you if you have a mound in your yard that you want leveled out.

No matter how large or small your job may be, the professionals at Earthworks Outdoor, Inc. have you covered. We can handle everything from tree trimming to full tree and stump removal, depending on your needs. Call us today at (317) 340-3680 to speak with a member of our team and set up an appointment for your tree care in the Fisher, IN area.

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